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Autopilot System Model KAP-866

  • 9-axis Electronic Compass sensor with high accuracy and stability.
  • 4.5 silver bright LCD display
  • Off course alarm warns when vessel is not responding to autopilot control
  • Navigate with designed route of GPS Navigator
  • Timer can be used as an adjustable watch alarm
  • Gyro compass input with Gyro converter unit


  1. Auto mode
    • Change course by panel dial knob
    • Change course by fix or handheld remote (optional)
  2. Standby mode
  3. GPS Navigation mode
  4. Follow UP mode


  • Hydraulic or electro-mechanical


  1. Fluxgate heading sensor (standard)
  2. Gyro compass thru gyro converter (optional)


  • GPS Navigator: NMEA0183,APA,APB (baud rate: 4800)
  • Heading Input: NMEA0183,HDT,HDG or HDM (baud rate: 4800)


  • Weather, Rudder and Counter Rudder from control menu
  • Trim, Rudder Ratio and Rudder Limit from function menu


  1. Off course alarm : 1 ~ 180 degree adjustable
  2. Watch alarm : 1 ~ 60 adjustable watch alarm. Will trigger external alarm if not reset within 60 sec
  3. NMEA data alarm : Trigger when lost of NMEA data from GPS Navigator in GPS


  • 12V or 24VDC , standby 0.4A, Auto mode 1.0A for control unit only


  • KAP-866 control unit
  • Rudder Feedback unit KRF-36
  • Fluxgate heading sensor KFG-25
  • Standard accessories
  • Standard installation kit
  • Operator manual
  • KCS20_0183

    Compass Top Sensor/Compass Top Sensor with NMEA0183 output

  • KRI80

    Rudder Indicator

  • RT580

    Hand Remote Unit


    Hand Electric Wheel

  • KGN200

    Gyro to NMEA Converter

  • KA-GC9A

    9-Axis Electronic compass with built-in high accuracy GPS module

  • KFG-25

    Fluxgate Compass

  • KRF-35

    Heavy Duty Rudder Feedback Unit

  • KRF-36

    Rudder Feedback unit

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to use the GPS navigation function?
    • A : There are several steps to achieve this :

      i. Connect the NMEA output of your GPS navigator (or GPS plotter) to pin 1&2 or pin 5&6 of KAP-866’s 8 pins connector (page 37 of KAP-866 operator’s manual).

      ii. Make sure the NMEA output of your GPS navigator (or GPS plotter) is in 0183 format with 4800 output baud rate of at least one of following message :
      – APA
      – APB
      – BOD + XTE

      iii. Set the waypoint navigation or route navigation in your GPS navigator (or GPS plotter).

      iv. Press [NAV] key on the KAP-866.

  2. Why is the solenoid not working for common negative connection?
    • A : We apologize for the wrong information given in the KAP-866 operator’s manual. Please follow the below diagram for common negative solenoid connection:

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