AIS Products


AIS GPS Tracker


  • high transmit power, up to 12.5W.
  • apply AIS technology.
  • can be tracked by Class A or Class B AIS receiver or transponder.
  • long working hours, up to 15 days.
  • waterproof, IPX7.

You can download the Instruction and Program of the ONWA Tracking software below:


Transmit power 4W, 6.5W, 12.5W
Working voltage 7.4V
Working temperature -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
Housing color Red, Orange, Yellow
Housing material High quality ABS
LED Indicator Red
Dimension 315mm(H), 85mm(Dia, max)
Weight 400g (include battery)
Working hour 360 hours continuously
Waterproofing IPX7
Technology AIS
Battery Rechargeable Lithium

Solar Panel Options


with Solar Panel Charger

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