ONWA Marine Electronics partners with Titan Navigation!

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With ONWA’s mission to provide Quality and affordable solution to our customers, We would like to welcome our latest partners, Titan Navigation!

Titan Navigation has been designed from the ground up to provide the fishing markets an affordable fishing plotting system.
Titan Navigation can create bathymetric charts from single beam echosounders, the multibeam module can integrate with WASSP multibeam echosounders to create seafloor maps in amazing detail
Fishing data can be stored and managed easily with the built in layer manager.
Fishing data can be converted from MaxSea, C-Plot, Trax, Sodena, Fishmaster and Olex

Titan Navigation will provide our KFish-7 and KS-200A with the following software programs:
– Tidal Current Overlay
– Seabed Hardness Mapping in 2D and 3D
– Realtime Seabed Mapping
For more information about Titan Navigation visit their website https://www.titannavigation.uk/