ONWA Radar gets stronger Markets in the Yangtze River!

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ONWA Marine Electronics continues to make its way to make a mark in the Global Marine Industry. This year, one of the brand’s latest achievements is the continuous growth and bigger market share in the Yangtze River Gorges Dam.

The Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydro-power project and most notorious dam. The Three Gorges dam is a massive project and has been benefiting the Chinese society in the aspects of flood prevention, power generation, river transportation and water resource utilization as per the Chinese government. Through the Three Gorges Project, China has acquired the know-how to build large hydro-power schemes, and has begun exporting similar projects around the world.

The Dam is a new passage for shipping and allows transportation costs to be cut between 30 and 37%. With this, as added number of ships navigate through this dam, more Ships are trusting the ONWA brand with increased number of Marine Radar installations to ships passing in this dam to serve them in assisting their navigation.

The ONWA Radar used in the Yangtze River as shown in the above images shows detailed high Resolution targets at short range even in congested and small passage such as the Three Gorge dam. This alone proves that the ONWA brand is used more and more because of the performance it delivers.

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