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ONWA Marine Electronic Accessories World

Our products have carved a niche for themselves in the highly competitive field of marine technology because we aim to manufacture reliable, state-of-the-art navigation and communications equipment. With a focus on innovation and reliability, we consistently provide the maritime community with tools that not only meet but exceed their navigation and communications needs. As the industry evolves, so do we, ensuring that its products remain at the forefront of technology.
In the challenging and often unpredictable marine environment, the quality of equipment can mean the difference between safety and danger. The accessories we produce are therefore also designed to provide maximum reliability, ensuring mariners can navigate the seas with confidence. World of ONWA Marine Electronics Accessories

Essential accessories for excellent navigation

Among the many marine electronic accessories, navigation-enhancing devices stand out for their critical importance. For example, a high-precision GPS plotter is an indispensable tool for accurately plotting routes. Our chart plotters integrate the latest GPS technology to deliver the clarity and reliability mariners rely on, whether close to shore or in the middle of the ocean. Another important accessory in the navigation arsenal is the AIS (Automatic Identification System). Our AIS transponders can track ships in real-time, significantly improving safety at sea. These devices provide vital information about surrounding vessels, including their identity, location and heading, which is crucial to avoiding collisions on busy maritime routes. Essential Accessories for Navigational Excellence

Strengthen communications on the high seas

Communication is the lifeblood of offshore operations, and marine electronic accessories include a range of equipment designed to ensure stable, clear communications, whether it is a routine check-in or an emergency broadcast. Able to facilitate direct communication between ships and coast guards, VHF radios are one of the most important accessories in marine communications networks. The satellite communications accessories we offer provide a higher level of connectivity, ensuring ships stay connected to the mainland, regardless of their location. These accessories play a key role in emergency response, enabling them to send and receive distress signals over long distances. Enhancing Communication on the High Seas

Versatile ONWA Marine Electronics Accessories

Our marine electronics and its wide range of accessories stand out when it comes to optimizing ship operations. Innovative and functional, these accessories not only simplify navigation and communications at sea, but also significantly increase safety and efficiency on the water.

A Wide Range of ONWA Marine Electronic Accessories

One of the distinguishing features of our electronic accessories is our wide range. Our product catalog is extensive and versatile to meet a variety of needs. Our marine electronic accessories include a wide range of equipment such as high-performance antenna mounts, marine radar antennas, junction boxes, GPS antennas, heading sensors and powerful digital compass converters. These accessories provide unique features that increase navigation accuracy and communication reliability between vessel operators. Whether you are using a GPS plotter, Automatic Identification System (AIS) or a high frequency marine radio, we have all the necessary accessories to ensure optimal performance from your electronic system. A Wide Array of ONWA Marine Electronics Accessories

Applications and Uses of ONWA Accessories

A GPS antenna is a highly sensitive device designed to provide an excellent tracking solution for your marine GPS system. As a result, navigators have access to accurate and timely geographical data, which is the basis for navigation. The heading sensor electronic compass is another accessory that perfectly highlights our commitment to maritime safety and operational efficiency. Connected via an RS422 link, the device accurately determines the ship's heading, aiding in course planning and corrections. Marine radar antennas are designed specifically for radome marine radars and act as the "eyes" of the radar system. This accessory is designed for efficient signal transmission and reception, thereby enhancing the radar's ability to identify and track objects in surrounding water. Uses of ONWA's Accessories
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