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  1. Equipped with all international channels. (with United States and Canada channels)
  2. High transmission power of 25W / Low transmission power of 1W.
  3. Principal commands duplicated on the microphone.
  4. Back lit LCD display and adjustable contrast.
  5. Possibility to program 20 private channels.
  6. Extraordinary capability for water resistance. Conforms to the standard IPX7.
  7. Recall button for channel 16.
  8. NMEA connection from the transceiver to an external GPS system.
  9. DSC or Digital Selective Calling.
  10. MMSI directory.
  11. Mounting on adjustable bracket.
  12. Connection to an external speaker.



All 57 international marine channels
Frequency generation
PLL synthesizer
Frequency range
TX from 156.025 to 157.425 MHz
RX from 156.300 to 162.000
Antenna Impedance
50 Ohm
Power Supply
12 Vdc
Operating Temperature
from -15 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius
72x177x146 mm
Weight (device only)
1.380 kg



Output power
High (HI): 25W / Low (LO): 1W
Modulation type
Condenser type
Hum and Noise attenuation
34 dB
Audio distortion
Harmonics reduction
<36 dBm



Sensitivity @ 20 dB Sinad
<0.5 UV
S/N ratio (20 dB)
0.8 UV
Squelch sensitivity
Threshold -12 dB UV (EMF)
Adjacent channel rejection
70 dB
Audio output power
> 2W 8 Ohm
Audio distortion


  1. Specifically designed DSC unit according to the ITU-R standard, M493-11 Class D requirement
  2. TEST standards ETSI: EN 301 025-1 V1.3.1, ETSI: EN 301 025-2 V1.3.1, ETSI: EN 301 025-3 V1.3.1
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