New Feature Alert: AIS Messaging!

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ONWA Marine Electronics launches a pioneering feature ONLY available for ONWA Marine’s GPS Chart Plotter with Class B AIS Transponder!

Introducing AIS Messaging!

AIS Messaging is the ability of ONWA AIS Plotters to send composed messages to a specific MMSI no. Or to broadcast a message that can be received by all compatible ONWA AIS Plotters within range.

NOTE: AIS Messaging is Applicable for Plotters sold from September 2019

AIS Messaging can be found in the AIS MENU, with the AIS Messaging the user can:
1.Compose : to compose or send a message to another MMSI or all the online ONWA compatible AIS ship.
2.Contact and Inbox : List all the sent/received message of the communicated AIS ship /MMSI
3.Clear All : Erase all the sent/received message

• Beneficial for easy communication and Broadcast of Alert Messages
• Can send and receive Composed messages between Onwa AIS plotters (Applicable for Plotters sold from September 2019)
• Message History and number of Unread messages can be viewed when a contact is selected
• Pop-up Box for Incoming Message Alert

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