New Feature Alert: AIS Track Recording!

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ONWA AIS Plotters now has the ability to record tracks of AIS Targets!


AIS Track Recording lets ONWA AIS Chart Plotters to record tracks of AIS targets Automatically or Manually.
Auto AIS saved tracks: Automatically records nearest 10 AIS targets within 1nm (maximum 1000 records)
Manual AIS saved tracks: Record Manually selected AIS targets, Max = 10 targets/records


• Automatic and Manual Track Recording works at the same time
• Recorded tracks are useful when checking the records during an accident
• Recorded AIS tracks can be reviewed and displayed in the Plotter screen where number of points and distance are shown.
• Points in the recorded track shows the location, date and time, SOG and COG of the vessel
• Recorded tracks can be saved as a route

AIS Track Recording is a new feature for 2019 Plotters with AIS Model (Firmware Update Required)

Recording 1a
Recording 2