Tutorial Videos

Programming the New ONWA KC-2W (MK2)
Programming the ONWA AIS Bouy (KS-33NT Series)
Onwa KP-XX99A Series – Programming of AIS User Data

Promotional Videos

Navigate with KP-1299X
ONWA KP 1299 (New Gen): Enable Fish Finder Function
ONWA KP 1299 (New Gen): Enable AIS Function
ONWA KP 1299 (New Gen): Enable Radar Function
Maximize Extended Functions: Fish Finder, AIS, Radar Function for ONWA KP-1299 (New Gen)
ONWA KP-1299(New Gen) connecting to Multiple NMEA0183 Devices
Total Navigation Solution with ONWA KP-1299 (New Gen)
ONWA Satellite TV Antenna!

Product Highlight Videos

ONWA KP-39A Feature Highlight
ONWA KP-39 Feature Highlight
ONWA KP-38A Feature Highlight
ONWA KP-38 Feature Highlight

Unboxing Videos

ONWA KCombo-7 with Optional Accessories Unboxing
ONWA KCombo-7 (Standard Set) Unboxing
ONWA KFish-7 Unboxing
ONWA KP-38S Unboxing
ONWA KP-1299X (Bundle Set) Unboxing