About Us

Our company, ONWA Marine Electronics Ltd, is a privately owned, Hong Kong headquartered design and manufacturing company. We are primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of marine electronics equipment, specialising in navigational and communications devices proudly bearing the ONWA logo.

We also offer OEM/ODM services to marine electronics enterprises wishing to expand their product iine without the direct investment in engineering design or manufacturing.

From humble beginnings in the 1990’s, we have, over the years expanded, now employing in excess of 200 staff across multiple locations. With distribution partners around the world, our global footprint now covers Asia, Europe, Oceania, Middle East, Africa and The Americas.

The main manufacturing facility is conveniently sited in ShanWei City, China, with a recently opened R & D and logistics facility in Shenzhen. With strategically located regional offices in other Asian centres, Onwa continues to invest in its sales network and customer service.


Onwa Mission Statement

Utilising the world’s best practices Onwa designs, manufactures, and distributes a range of specialised marine electronic and communication systems for the global market.

With a tenacious commitment to innovation and quality, Onwa collaborates with its clients to understand their specific needs and then delivers the most appropriate technological solution.

Onwa Vision Statement

Onwa will continue to distinguish itself as a market leader in redefining marine electronic solutions through the integration of cost-effective, disruptive technologies. Innovations that will deliver a superior experience for our users. We will be recognized globally for our business integrity, the passion of our employees and channel partners.

The Onwa Value Proposition

  • We are an engineering-driven organization, with a true passion for disruptive innovation through the application of cutting-edge technologies.
  • We strive to operate with total integrity, always responsive, with accurate, unambiguous communication at all times.
  • We acknowledge and respect the unwavering commitment of our staff, supply partners, and the growing network of customers across the world.
  • We endeavour to manage every aspect of our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

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