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      Hi All
      Is there any chance of boosting the ais ? I have the old kp1299 version and it’s not always a strong signal. Is there a way of fitting the new ais card to the old system? The plotter is very good and can recommend as I do to people who come on my boat.

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      Are you sure it isn’t an antenna problem as in most cases poor reception/transmission is down to the antenna and I have never had a case of poor reception on a 1299A that wasn’t the antenna. I would suggest trying a different antenna – if you have a friend with AIS – try your 1299 on his boat. If your 1299 is indeed low sensitivity then a new AIS module would be the answer but you say it is old and the AIS units are not cheap so you may be better to just treat yourself to a new 1299A. You don’t say how old your 1299 is but the version3 is much slicker than the Mk2 1299 and the Mk1 1299 is – well its very old!
      If you are in the UK you can contact me for help.

      UK Distributor

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      We have HP-1228 plotter and recently  we buy an AIS HA-102 transponder/receiver. Finally we have all the connectors and plugs etc and we are in the process of connecting the AIS to the plotter, but we have come up with a problem. We need to connect 2 wires to the plotter and we can only identify one of them – the Orange AIS output. See attached image from your user manual below. What is the second color that we need? conector

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      Hi Amikeren, sorry both of them are not Onwa brand, you should ask their technical support instead.

      If any question about Onwa, is welcome to post here

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