GPS Plotter


7-inch GPS Chart Plotter with Internal GPS Antenna

7″ Colored GPS Plotter with Internal GPS Antenna

  1. 7-inch High resolution LCD, 800×600 pixels
  2. Easy to use menu operation
  3. sunlight viewable
  4. C-Map NT Max compatible
  5. Internal GPS Antenna
  6. Ingress Protected to IP67


1. Waypoints/icons 12,000 user waypoints with name, symbol,
3 system waypoints: MOB,Start,cursor
10 proximity waypoints
2. Routes 30 routes waypoint up to 170 points each, plus MOB and Track Navigation or Goto Track modes
3. Tracks 8,000 point automatic track log; 10 saved track (up to 8000 track points each)let you retrace your path in both directions
4. Alarms XTE, Anchor drag, arrival, speed, voltage, proximity waypoint and time,AIS alarm.
5. Pallete
  1. Normal
  2. Daylight exposed to sunlight
  3. Night in dark environment
  4. NOAA paperchart colors
6. Tides Tide data
7. Projection Mercator projection
8. Position format Lat/Lon
9. Basemap Built-in Onwa K-Chart
10. External Map SD Cards slot for C-Map MAX
11. User data storage Internal backup of user settings, or external SD-card
12. Plot Interval 1s to 99h or 0.01 nm to 9.99nm
13. Plotting scales 0.01nm to 1,000nm
14. Nav Datat Inputs:$–DBT, $–DPT, $–GGA, $–GLL,$–GSA, $–GSV,
$–HDG,$–HDM,$–HDT,$–MTW, $–RMB,$–RMC,
$–VTG, $–ZDA, $–VWR,$–VWT,$–MWD, $–VPW

$–AAM, $–APB, $–BOD,$–BWC,$–GGA, $–GLL,
$–RMB,$–RMC,$–VTG, $–XTE, $–ZDA, $–DBT
$–DPT, $–WPL, $–ZDL, $–ZTG

Outputs for autopilot:
$–AAM, $–APB, $–BOD,$–VTG, $–DBT, $–DPT

15. Perspective View On/off
16. Celestial Sunrise/Sunset Moonrise/Moonset


10.5 to 35VDC, current drain 1.0A at 12V


1. Size 243mm(H) X 155mm(W) X 82mm(D)
2. Weight 0.6kg
3. Display 7 inches Color TFT dayview LCD,800×600 pixels
4. Waterproofing Display unit: IPX6
Antenna unit: IPX7
5. Temperature range Display unit: -15℃ to +55℃ Antenna unit: -25℃ to +70℃


  1. Display unit
  2. Operator manual
  3. Installation materials and standard spare parts


1. Receiver 50 parallel channel GPS receiver continuously Tracks and uses up to 50 satellites to compute and update your position
2. Acquisition times Cold start: 27 seconds average
Warm start: 27 seconds average
Hot start: 1 second average
3. Update rate 1/second or 10/second (selectable) , continuous
4. Accuracy Position: 2.5 meters(95%) without S/A
Velocity: 0.1 Meter/sec without S/A
Time: ±100ns synchronized to GPS time
5. Dynamics Altitude: 50,000m Max
Velocity: 500 m/s
Acceleration: 4g Max
6. Datum WGS 84 & Others
7. Interfaces NMEA 0183 input and output,RS232 output
8. Antenna KA-07


1. Data input NMEA 0183 , RS232
2. Baud rate 38,400
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